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No_Persimmon_5587 t1_j3zii1n wrote

I don't think there has been a time in history where technology has advanced more quickly than it's doing now.

Maybe the industrial revolutions.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_j3zko2s wrote

As Klauss Schwabb says it, a technolcigal revolution is underway “that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.”.


jehehegjeieiueg t1_j3zok6v wrote

Can you tell me more fancy words that I can use for my academicians? Edit : It’s not about technological word, the quote could make me pass those secret quality check points that the university follows, you know.. The professors have those orders from the quality control teams saying in this class only 2 students are qualified to get HD or A grade, doesn’t matter how much fantastic work you think you put, there are quality control people who make sure only some classes with certain criteria could gather certain grades for a certain number of students, say the subject is about mathematics and most students are doing bachelor of some accounting or finance. Then for some reason the whole average marks will increase because quality control teams think that those (good at math) students will cooperate with the others. Say most of the students have nothing to do with math, then surely they are all getting less than B.

Source : I worked very hard only to get B mark after a grade appeal, then I had to do some consulting to know more about those money making machines called universities.

see this advice.


w-alien t1_j401qwb wrote

The Industrial Revolution took a century. We are moving so much faster


JVM_ t1_j42dv4k wrote

December 2022 to today has been insane.

Insane doesn't cover it. Neither does mind-blowing....

AI, I need a new word for your progress...


pab_guy t1_j42f8p0 wrote

Over in futurology they are lamenting the death of innovation today LOL


cy13erpunk t1_j43m65f wrote

this is what exponential growth looks like

afawk aside from the theory of previously advanced civilizations that then disappeared , we have never been advancing as fast as we are today

and tomorrow that same statement will continue to be true , ad infinitum