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Boatster_McBoat t1_ja6ro2g wrote

What's that black thing on the sun? is it a random sun spot or something we should be worried about?


BlackEyedGhost t1_ja6wyz4 wrote

Is the planet in the top-left the theorized 5th gas giant that was ejected from the solar system?


Suaveful t1_ja7541z wrote

for a graphic like this, you probably want to use adobe illustrator which uses vector lines instead of pixels. vectoring will allow you to make a large enough sun without it looking all pixelated.


Doctor_Brown_Bear t1_ja3usea wrote

How did you take this photo? Were those planet in a line when earth was just right above them?


Naive-Horror4209 t1_ja5fxhx wrote

He didn’t say that it’s a photo. It’s a picture. And loving space research you must know that you can’t picture the solar system proportionally regarding the distance between planets on a photo (unless the planets are so small that they are not visible)


YOUniverse33 t1_ja6x4li wrote

Interesting!! What program did you use? You left out the L and also the asteroid belt


muffdivemcgruff t1_ja69r93 wrote

This is poor quality at best, and a straight copy of another picture.