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Good_Management7353 t1_j7z055y wrote

Lots of people on here that never read the article and just spewing opinions and misinformation.

The contract they got is to simply launch the ESCAPADE mission through a new program NASA has to basically make these new rocket test launches also have things on top the rocket. ESCAPADE is a cheap small sat mission through NASA’s SIMPLEx program, which are $50 million missions with a single science goal.

ESCAPADE will be the thing studying Mars, and they have a whole team that has nothing to do with BO. They were selected years ago through NASA (just as nasa selects other robotic missions through competitive calls). They’ve been waiting for a lunch provider and this program (which specifically is higher risk but that is ok with cheaper missions) gives them the launch provider they need.

THAT’S IT. Sometimes reading the articles and not just the headlines is helpful


Ukulele_Maestro t1_j7zq68q wrote

Nah, blue origin bad SpaceX good. How dare they snub SpaceX or so goes the Elon simps in /r/space