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Bewaretheicespiders t1_j7zpfm3 wrote

>Blue origin has a similar rocket, blue Glen.

Do they, though?


Ukulele_Maestro t1_j7zqrw0 wrote

Starship is further along in development in that a prototype exists, but yeah they are both under development.

Blue origin has spent a billion dollars on manufacturering facilities to build new Glenn. That to me shows they are serious about building it and we should see the first prototype rolling out sometime soon


Bewaretheicespiders t1_j7zrwge wrote

Ive worked for enough startups to know that spending money means nothing.


Ukulele_Maestro t1_j7zsffu wrote

Then you should know also that starship could be a complete failure too.

But I get it. SpaceX good blue origin bad. That's the thought process around here.


Bewaretheicespiders t1_j7zu779 wrote

Starship has flown hops and landed and its from an enterprises that not only has gone to orbit, but is the planet's premier launch service provider.

New Glen is a couple of pictures of incomplete tanks and fairings.

If Blue Origin wants to be taken seriously, they gotta actually make an orbital rocket and actually go to orbit. You can't just burn money without results and expect people to take you seriously. Its been what, 20 years? I think people (and Nasa) have been patient with them.