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MetricVeil t1_j8mgh1n wrote

Really interesting read. Thanks for posting. I had never heard of 'generative design' before. :)


troyunrau t1_j8o68s8 wrote


Basically, letting the computer fill spaces using some constraints. Artists love it. But also, for example, game designers (need to create a forest? Well, you could 3D model each tree, or create a generator that generates 3D models of trees...)


MetricVeil t1_j8oydoo wrote

For me, it is the engineering aspect that I find the more intriguing. A kind of applied evolution to creating optimal structures. :)


Qeric99 t1_j8pwtg6 wrote

Same concept as directed evolution in the life sciences. Don’t know exactly how to make something better? Let iteration and selection handle it for you.


MetricVeil t1_j8v4uah wrote

>Let iteration and selection handle it for you.

Yep, computers have been a boon in that respect.

Reminds me of an old Sci-Fi trope of alien ships being 'grown', not constructed.