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ForceUser128 t1_ja29lrl wrote

Due to distances involved though, any sound would be delayed similar to a lightning strike on earth, but much worse because there is no real medium for the sound waves to propagate through but rather the atmos and molecules themselves moving through mostly empty space.

Also, at best, you might hear a thud rather than an explosion due to you being contained in a sealed, pressurised container (aka a ship). And even then, it'd more likely be from solid debri rather than from the very sparse (comparatively) atoms and molecules of an explosion.


exceive t1_ja3crwu wrote

You might hear something at the same time you see it. That would be the sounds your ship makes when a whole bunch of electromagnetic energy hits it suddenly. Maybe a rattle or thud as your hull abruptly and unevenly expands just a little bit from heat. Maybe some weird noise if your ship is accidentally a radio receiver. A lot of things are accidentally radio receivers if the signal is strong enough.


ForceUser128 t1_ja3jrw6 wrote

True, didnt think about other forms that 'light'(radiation) can take, like radio, xrays, etc and what effect that would have on the ship itself.