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Anderopolis t1_j9w7r9x wrote

ULA has already sold over 40 launches to Amazon.

Costumers are not an issue at the moment.


tanrgith t1_j9w8w8y wrote

Fair point

I still doubt they're gonna have the ability to pump out 2 rockets a month in less than 3 years


mfb- t1_j9x2wn6 wrote

Flying every two weeks is 25 launches per year. Let 10 of them be for the US government, then you can go through the Kuiper manifest in 2.5 years. "a couple of times a month" sounds even faster than 2 per month.


Triabolical_ t1_j9whgl2 wrote

Amazon has bought a ton of capacity but we don't know the details of those contracts. Amazon may have the ability to flex to the provider that is more successful or cheaper.


mfb- t1_j9x2zga wrote

You think Bezos is going to SpaceX?

Amazon already bought every large rocket that's not SpaceX. Maybe they get a few Neutron launches.


Triabolical_ t1_j9x7r4u wrote

I'm just pointing out that announced launches do not always translate to actual launches.


mfb- t1_j9xdaaf wrote

Sure, but if you are already buying every rocket you consider an option then there are not many ways to switch.