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Laurelindel t1_jacyd5o wrote

That was my impression also. Thus, the bending of space and time being an indication of gravity, not the cause of gravity. This article seems to say otherwise. I hope someone can clarify


AverageDan52 t1_jad1829 wrote

From what I understand as a lay person this is correct. Mass is what causes warping of space time which in Newtonian physics is called gravity and thus the law of gravitational attraction. Gravity is an apparent force. Gravity is acceleration due to mass.


DungeonsandDevils t1_jad5893 wrote

From my understanding you can imagine space and time sort of like a trampoline. You put a bunch of marbles on the trampoline, they aren’t heavy enough to bend it much so they roll around on their own. You put a bowling ball in the middle, and suddenly all the little marbles are pulled to the bowling ball.

We’re marbles, we don’t bend the fabric much, but we live on a bowling ball that does. Mass causes a distortion in spacetime, that distortion causes the effect we know as gravity.