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Ill_Ad3517 t1_j9n86fe wrote

One thing I know (on a very surface level only) is that looking into deeper space than ever before we can test our hypotheses about what the very early universe looked like. The early images we got (last summer?) were just calibration based on what we had already observed. One cool thing about NASA is that you can read a lot about their missions.

Has general info and a bunch of links to other stuff.


Merky600 t1_j9ods95 wrote

I’m a big exoplanet fan so my thoughts go there. Not bio or techn signals though. An astronomer on YT explained why JWST is actually not that strong in that part. Plus I like to pull back my hopes.

But parsing out more information on any exoplanet is exciting. I grew up in the “Pluto is planet and nothing exists beyond the except next star” era.

Today. Sizes and atmosphere information. Planetary systems. Wow. I never imagined we’d be talking about this


NotAHamsterAtAll t1_j9qw7np wrote

As long as it debunks the Big Bang theory, I'm happy.

Seems like it is getting there, so it is a success in my book.


ToasterOvenHotTub t1_j9t6dsf wrote

Ohh, that sounds exciting. What's the most likely alternative in your opinion?


NotAHamsterAtAll t1_j9t7huo wrote

Easy. There was no Big Bang.

(Because the theory is not compatible with actual observations.)

Now comes the hard part, if there was no Big Bang, then the observations that lead to the creation of the Big Bang hypothesis are interpreted wrongly. And that opens up for a lot of things to be changed.


WannabeAsclepius t1_j9rubmo wrote

I’m hoping we discover why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

But I also actually hope that we find, with sincere proof, of a habitable world for us that is achievable distance.


TegTowelie t1_j9n7ouj wrote

Itd be cool if another species found it and interacted with it. Might be a bad thing to have that happen but it'd reaffirm something is out there.


DeanXeL t1_j9o10qo wrote

How do you suggest that would happen? If they come over here to mess with it, why wouldn't they just move sliiiightly over to the side to come visit us? If they have detection capabilities to notice an insignificant speck of dust like the JWST in the vastness of space, they can also see our entire huge planet, and could've been "interacting" with us all along.


TegTowelie t1_j9odt2j wrote

I imagine if a species detected it, they'd take the JWST to examine it before they did anything else. But, that is the nuance with extraterrestrial daydreaming, cause i agree with you.


thrwayyup t1_j9qk1b1 wrote

On a scale of 1 - Lol, whatre the chances that we get another or multiple James Webb telescope(s)?

I’m sure they have to block schedule it’s time, and then there’s the exposure aspect.

Seems like we could go fast with… I dunno… 10?


Abnegazher t1_j9oawjh wrote

I hope, really hope, that we don't find aliens... JWST is a flashlight beaming into the dark, and I hope there is nothing in there.


colinmhayes t1_j9ohoii wrote

I mean, it's kinda the opposite of a flashlight.


andygates2323 t1_j9paw8o wrote

How is an entirely passive instrument a flashlight?