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SkiGruffalo t1_j9tqk7v wrote

Oh yeah? Who's going to stop me from going there?


SteveMcQwark t1_j9u9tlt wrote

Space and time might have a word, and if not, then gravity will have the ultimate say (the radiation environment is also very likely highly disagreeable).


Demrezel t1_j9uehqh wrote

So you're saying there's a chance


NightHawkomen t1_j9ux0yi wrote

A very real chance. Forget the statistics, thats for mathematicians and they never space travel.


P2Mc28 t1_j9v1buc wrote

It's easy. 50/50. He either goes or he doesn't.


NightHawkomen t1_j9vu4co wrote

Hmm IDK 50/50 = 1/1 so 100% he is going or is that 100% not going? I feel like there should be a cat in a box somewhere to make it definitive.


Scrub_nin t1_j9vxljl wrote

Depends if he ties toast to the back of the cat to use as an endlessly rotating fuel source


Makenchi45 t1_j9wp3nz wrote

I feel like there should be a rainbow involved somewhere in that travel method.


Rikudou_Sage t1_j9wgci3 wrote

The cat says you've already been there as long as no one is looking.


Just_Michael1138 t1_j9wbr77 wrote

"Never tell me the odds!" --Corellian spacer saying, usually involving ridiculous odds and slim chances of survival


Quiggling t1_j9wvbr4 wrote

He has at least a 33 1/3% and that’s bad news for the forbidden planet


binzoma t1_j9wnz7v wrote

the nice thing is, we keep getting older and the forbidden planet stays basically the saaamme age


SirBardsalot t1_j9ux74u wrote

Oh you'll get there. Just not in a living state.


Demrezel t1_j9varg4 wrote

You don't even really need consciousness, pfft


urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_j9w0jx7 wrote

learn from the pam tree facing storms and hurricanes yet it grows taller with patience and resilience little grasshopper


DaBi5cu1t t1_j9uwgrv wrote

The Forbidden planet, in the system of doom, in the galaxy of no return.

Sounds nice.


StoopidestManOnEarth t1_j9uy0hy wrote

Oh sweet! You can join me on my trip. I'm taking my mineral collection and we can make petri dishes out of our armpit sweat. I've already got over 378 petri dishes going and I can't wait to see how yours compares to mine.

Once we get there, I'm going to set up my speaker system and play tibetan throat music while I mediate out loud.

I think we'll have the best of time, especially since it'll be just the two of us.


ChooglinOnDown t1_j9vohrf wrote

> I'm going to set up my speaker system and play tibetan throat music while I mediate out loud.

I think we might ride the same bus.


HDIC69420 t1_j9v37jf wrote

Can I buy in? This sounds like a stellar weekend


SuperFightingRobit t1_j9veyot wrote

Look, the last time a guy visited forbidden planet, he wound up as a kooky doctor who had the lasagna on a flight out of Chicago 30 years later


Specialist-Doctor-23 t1_j9w9p7w wrote

You better call the Krell and get a visa first or they'll send monsters from the ID to meet you.


Finnder_ t1_j9ya46f wrote

Forbidden Shmorshmidden. What are they gonna do, write a letter?


JasonP27 t1_j9wtnxz wrote

No one. But physics aren't a who. Physics will stop you.