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ChrisARippel t1_ja8dq25 wrote

Have you considered making a the Cosmic Web?

Though many people have heard of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, I suspect fewer people have heard of the Cosmic Web. The idea will be new.

  • Matter and dark matter condensing into filaments. Where filaments cross galaxies appear.

  • Dark energy expanding voids between the filaments.

  • The Cosmic Web is impressively BIG.

10 year old video

Building the Cosmic Web on a computer. Part 1

Millennium Cosmic Web Simulation Project

There are more cool videos of Cosmic Web, e.g., tours through the web, etc. for a presentation.


Clues about Cosmic Web

Spinning Cosmic Web

Possible photograph of Cosmic Web

Cosmic Web could be hiding new physics

I think you could also imitate a Cosmic Web with cotton fibers, glue and paint.

Good luck.