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th36 t1_j90wbu6 wrote

Beautiful. In another life I would study astrophysics instead of finance. Or maybe I’ll do a bsc/msc after I retire


arkangelic t1_j917ef6 wrote

Just start learning on the side for fun now.


th36 t1_j925xvh wrote

and i will. looking to crash my local college's classes too


Fortissano71 t1_j91d6aq wrote

Everyday astronaut. Guy is a college dropout and explains rocket science better than the pros. Just start reading /watching, you can learn it all yourself


platypodus t1_j920wz1 wrote

Self education is great for becoming a dilettante, but it sadly won't help with accreditation.


Fortissano71 t1_j921vvl wrote

He works in finance. I don't think that is his goal.


Xaqv t1_j953gh1 wrote

What? And there’ll be no social status in “coming out” as an internet comment debutante?


th36 t1_j925mvk wrote

i'll check his channel out. thanks!


Qujam t1_j91v7d0 wrote

Ive just started an astronomy BSc part time, thought about it for years, so glad i jumped in. It's so much fun


th36 t1_j925k6c wrote

nice. maybe in 10 years time i would do it.


sisco98 t1_j91mxi1 wrote

Sometimes I’m thinking about this too but I’m afraid I’d end up with playing with numbers in spreadsheets just like in finance.


AwesomeFrisbee t1_j92r05j wrote

You can instead do it as a hobby. There's lots of stuff you can do without a degree and fulltime employment


dragonofthesouth1 t1_j91vezz wrote

Just switch dude you get ONE life


th36 t1_j925c5s wrote

well...i'm rather good at what i do and i love the challenge/reward that comes with it. a goal for retirement is more likely...


Ari76L t1_j92gihe wrote

When will they finally say “hey we found aliens” were all desperately and anxiously waiting for that moment. We all know it’s imminent


Supreme_Primate t1_j92szx0 wrote

I agree that extraterrestrial life is statistically assured but even if/when humanity finds irrefutable proof of it we will not be ready. We humans are a self centered, narcissistic, and arrogant lot who would instantly be threatened by the idea that another life form actually exists. Look around at how we fight over pieces of dirt or personal beliefs or who/what we love. Adding actual “aliens” to this mix would be terrible. Best we continue to roll along with the fact that we are the only ones out here. At least until humanity has advanced beyond these petty notions of superiority.


seeingeyefrog t1_j92vf4j wrote

A perceived common enemy even if not actually an enemy might help unite at least a portion of humanity. The rest will behave like ill-mannered children regardless.


MostPerturbatory t1_j9329sn wrote

How about space friends? Why would they become our enemies? We could swap science, music, art, comedy, maybe even food too would be compatible if they are also carbon based life forms. If they aren't carbon based lifeforms, imagine the differences in perceptions that would lead to differences in scientific methods, theories. Maybe they would see things we simply cannot and vise versa, we could trade perceptions, growing each other's understandings. It would be magical and only the first of many as their existence would imply the existence of many others too.


skillywilly56 t1_j93dfrt wrote

They wouldn’t be our enemies, they would be our competitors and given how we have treated our own species, let alone the other species which inhabit this planet alongside us (we ate or killed the majority of them) the likely scenario is WE would either eat, kill or enslave them.

This scenario is guaranteed if contact is made by Americans first


FleetingSentience t1_j93jqc3 wrote

If we make contact with aliens its because they're able to contact us, which means they're way more technologically advanced than us.

They probably also went through some sort of an evolution process and are probably all too familiar with predation and violent power struggles, whether or not that it's in their distant past.

So they're likely equipped to cope with human hostilities and not niave enough to be caught off guard by it. We're not enslaving any extraterrestrials.


skillywilly56 t1_j93l2yl wrote

We would give it the good ol college try though!

“Fire photon torpedos! Not a full spread though, we are trying to keep costs low and get maximum ROI. For the investors Number 1!”


MostPerturbatory t1_j93gmh8 wrote

Plenty of resources out there for everyone, zero reason to compete.


Xaqv t1_j952ro0 wrote

You can never have enough monopoly. The infinite is 75% finite, just to begin with!


MostPerturbatory t1_j95cnam wrote

There's no way humanity is using up all available resources in space, our species will be long extinct before we scratch 0.00000000000000000001% of the surface resources out there.


Xaqv t1_j95ofto wrote

1 x 10 to the minus 20th (100 quintillionth) power? Aren’t you the optimist? Or pessimist?


MostPerturbatory t1_j95ppb9 wrote

Either way, there is no lack of resources out there.


Xaqv t1_j95py6o wrote

But what if the school yard bully doesn’t want to share? Oh! That’s why you have a space force?


MostPerturbatory t1_j95r0bt wrote

A very human concept.

I don't have a space force. Do you have one?


Xaqv t1_j962zma wrote

My country is working on one, but needs to resolve some economic issues by going off of the coconut standard and basing economy on gold reserves, IMF indebtature or something else.


bzzhuh t1_j9394c8 wrote

If we can find a way to make being space friends profitable then it's possible I guess. But otherwise I think it's more likely they're declared as enemies.


NovelStyleCode t1_j94vq60 wrote

That only works if leaders don't manipulate things for petty political gain, covid really shattered that illusion


King_Pecca t1_j935nio wrote

Now random thoughts come to my mind of how Europeans discovered the Americas. In my vision not to gain more knowledge, but for more power. Alas.


Ari76L t1_j93fohy wrote

I keep feeling bad for people that got slaughtered by barbarians and am thankful we didn’t live during that era but the chance of that happening to us by aliens is not likely but not zero. Nightmare fuel


Ari76L t1_j92xrwq wrote

I’m at the point to where I see my existence as futile, no one knows why we exist and wander about our meaningless jobs and activities. I think finding proof of alien life would give hope to us who haven’t been brainwashed by religion, I believe our consciousness lives on, I’m tired of being misled by society about why we do what we do.

Existence is too much to bear, if there is a god who created him, if the universe ends what’s on the other side? It’s infinite, I’m ok with risking this life to learn more before I die ignorantly.


Xaqv t1_j954ao9 wrote

Is that why we evolved to feel pain? So that it will hurt when a “Jesus” touches us?


pbjames23 t1_j94s9z4 wrote

Extraterrestrial life is not statistically assured, because we don't know how often it occurs.


MostPerturbatory t1_j931lun wrote

I've never understood the belief that one would feel threatened by the existence of alien civilizations. Having spent decades learning about the nature of reality, space, physics... Confirmation of lifeforms elsewhere would be spectacular, humbling, exciting and nothing short of hope inducing. We would not be alone, how amazing, how thrilling. The infinite expanse would not be so empty of meaning nor so seemingly pointless, in all its incredible beauty and diversity.


skillywilly56 t1_j93cn7o wrote

We would probably eat them as we have done to everything else on this planet


Ari76L t1_j94ea0y wrote

Let’s say in few hundred years we have the tech to travel all over our galaxy with the knowledge of where there are planets with civilizations. We would be able to know where they are technologically, if we were to visit them we would try to not interfere if we believe they’re not ready for contact. The universe is littered with precious metals, it rains diamonds in some planets, I find it hard to believe we would want anything minerals from their planet. However we might want to observe, get to learn something from their advances but the main interest would be biological. That falls in line with what is happening here on our planet. Any thoughts on this theory?


Xaqv t1_j95p6o5 wrote

Sounds great! But I just feel too sorry for myself to carry on with it.


Ari76L t1_j95tpps wrote

Same here, for my family too. I’m tired of the pointless 9-5 every week every year, it’s pointiest. I think DMT might be worth trying. People that take it once say they understand the universe, not so sure about that but what if it’s true


Xaqv t1_j962d2v wrote

Always the old standby: It’s all a joke - just step back, be amused (bemused) and continue respiring


Dark_Shade_75 t1_j95b1sy wrote

Space is pretty big though. I'd unfortunately say it's pretty likely our great great grandchildren won't see this.


Ari76L t1_j95hp6d wrote

I agree, it will prob take 200-300 years


Nemo_Shadows t1_j91ynmb wrote

That is so funny, seeing the invisible, I think you mean detecting them by some other means YES?

Lensing perhaps or maybe Gravitational Mapping through the movement of objects?

N. S


sneakky_krumpet t1_j93549c wrote

Mainstream media does typically give clickbaity titles to space news, but CNN did label this article "...once invisible" and yeah the IR capabilities of the Webb telescope does indead allow us to see (detect) things that were literally invisible to other telescopes like Hubble