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robertojh_200 t1_j9orw1n wrote

That’s not detached. That’s the reality of rocket science. Delays are baked into the DNA of the process. At the very moment that he made his comments, they probably were a few months away, but then something broke, or the numbers stopped adding up, or something exploded. SpaceX is still the fastest moving launch company in the world even with the delays.


DrunkensteinsMonster t1_j9ot3wy wrote

No. It is detached. Look at the sum of work over the last two years, most of it was always planned. He was saying they were a couple months away when they had scarcely fired any engines on super heavy. He claimed they were a couple months away before they even stacked it, which they had to do with a crane, because the launch tower wasn’t even done yet. That’s coming up on two years ago.