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Tjam3s t1_jadhnq3 wrote

The hypothesis, if I read right, is suggesting that there is a correlation between the expansion of the universe and the unexplained growth rate of supermassive black holes.

We don't know why they are as big as they are. We don't know why the universes expansion is what it is, but the 2 appear to be correlated.

Fascinating findings for sure, but what i don't understand is why they are so quick to publish findings that correlation might equal causation when anyone in science knows it does not


MayThe4thCakeDay t1_jadpaqy wrote

This is kinda where "common knowledge" leads you astray. For scientific research even when correlation is not causation, it's usually jumping up and down and pointing to where you should be looking. It's fun to to point out piracy and global warming to be cute, but when you find close correlation you should be digging into it until you find a way to dismiss it.


Tjam3s t1_jae6gkd wrote

I suppose the part they seem to assume is that the black hole is the cause for dark energy, but without actual study into the real cause for the correlation.

It might be the other way around with the expansion of the universe causing the growth, or it may be an indirect mechanism being the cause for both of them.

The assumption that the black hole is helping cause the expansion is what I was digging at.


Tairaa90 t1_jaeccwc wrote

I just listened to a Lex Fridman podcast with one of the authors and it didn't seem to me to be as much of an assumption as proposing a possible mechanism that needs to be figured out and then tested.


dont_you_love_me t1_jaeyewe wrote

Cause in and of itself is a human concoction. You cannot actually prove that anything is caused within the universe. It could very well just be that the information we observe simply presents itself in a specific mandatory pattern and order and our brains totally fabricate the concept of causality.


GreenFlowerBuds t1_jaeh17v wrote

So, thanks for your comment. I feel less likely I'ma get sucked into a black hole tomorrow πŸ˜‚