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agate_ t1_ja6xblq wrote

The best bit is that nobody is giving the right answer, and even the article only hints at it:

There are a few places in Antarctica where ice slowly evaporates due to very low snowfall and high winds. This forms regions of clear blue ice, and the ice sheet flows toward these regions. Any meteorites that fall elsewhere on the ice sheet get carried to the blue ice zones where the ice evaporates leaving the meteorites behind on the surface. The meteorites build up to very high concentrations over thousands and thousands of years.

So the Antarctic meteorite hunters aren’t just going there because fresh meteorites are easy to spot, they’re there because all the meteorites that fell over a huge area for thousands of years are concentrated in one spot.


PeakFuckingValue t1_ja6znqi wrote

Wow that's incredible science! Genius level shit figuring that out. And thank you for posting this. I've been reading every single comment cock-eyed because they don't even sound confident in their own answers let alone researched.. ridiculous comment section.