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lifeaintsocool t1_j9s98xb wrote

No, a lightyear is exactly the distance one would travel in one year at the speed of light.


IRDorve t1_j9s9ux1 wrote

Tell that to the guy that did the Kessel Run in 11 parsecs!


freestyle43 t1_j9s9s2x wrote

What? Thats not what a lightyear means. Its means how far you would get in one year traveling the speed of light.


SwiftSnips t1_j9sa0pb wrote

Read what you just wrote.

Itd take the SPEED OF LIGHT 25,000 years to travel one light year.

Im perplexed at this statement. A light year, by name, is how far light travels in 1 year. In 25,000 years, light would travel 25,000 light years.

I hope this helps. Really, I hope this helps.


lurk1897 t1_j9sadzv wrote

If you want people to go see your YouTube videos about space ticking people off with purposefully misleading phrasing isn't going to get you the attention you want. You're sending people who already think you're annoying and/or incorrect directly to your media.


SillyCubensis t1_j9saf1t wrote

Just how much did your mother drink when she was pregnant with you?


RegretLoveGuiltDream t1_j9sa3kd wrote

No Tau Ceti is only like 4 years away if you accelerate 15 m/s2 up to about light speed and slow down enough to orbit. Time dilation is a nice effect for the observer... maybe


p4ort t1_j9sae11 wrote

Op can you please respond and tell us what you mean