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jcpmojo t1_j8ohg9b wrote

For anyone else as unaware as myself, it's named after the astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, not the horrible TV personality Nancy Grace.


skunkman62 t1_j8oujpc wrote

Good to know. I started looking up Roman Space Telescope.


virgilreality t1_j8okvxu wrote

And what the hell is a "Roman Telescope"?



nogzila t1_j8oj2nu wrote

Wouldn’t it be terrible if they named something so scientific after somebody so anti science… lol the Nancy Grace telescope on Fox News …


Paddy_Tanninger t1_j8pag3z wrote

The Tucker Carlson Center for Climate Science and Immunology.


Shaneypants t1_j8rs18q wrote

Tucker, we present to you the Tucker Carlson Center for Warm Weather Smarts and Stopping Yucky Germies.

Tucker, doing his little furrowed brow frowny face: "What is this? A center for ants?"


mtrash t1_j8p5psn wrote

I felt my blood pressure rise for a minute


invaderzim257 t1_j8qbyme wrote

why not just call it Nancy Roman? Everyone’s gonna think it’s a telescope named after Nancy Grace that was conceptualized and developed in Rome.


Hydraskull t1_j8opgho wrote

Horrible tv personality!?! Sounds like Grace is Under Fire here.


jcpmojo t1_j8q31pj wrote

That was the very nicest way I could describe her; there are many less nice, and more accurate, ways I can think of.


Hydraskull t1_j8q4j04 wrote

I failed at making a joke. Thought her show was called “Grace Under Fire” but that was actually the name of a bad 90s sitcom by a different woman named Grace (not Nancy Grace). I agree with you on Nancy Grace tv lady


mmss t1_j8r3fk6 wrote

For the record, Grace Under Fire starred Brett Butler as a character named Grace.


jcpmojo t1_j8qogtm wrote

I was trying to figure out how the TV showed was related. I thought I was missing something.


grapesaresour t1_j8p5f3o wrote

Thank you lmao I was about to google “wtf does Nancy Grace have to do with telescopes” 😅


KommandoKodiak t1_j8qdua5 wrote

I just came to say can we just call it the nancy roman teleacope so we dont have to endure "tot mom" flashbacks


LunchboxRoyale t1_j8rbej8 wrote

I thank you for clarifying-I thought it was named Nancy Grace because of the “dark energy” part xD


ChumpSucky t1_j8rc9f3 wrote

is the telescope an angry racist drunk?

you know the stars in that neighborhood are up to no good!


microphohn t1_j8x6tgh wrote

The only thing Nancy Grace should have named after her is a form of torture equivalent to watching her reprehensible show.


jcpmojo t1_j8xjyt9 wrote

Watching her show would be the worst kind of torture. I think it was specifically called out in the Geneva Convention as being too inhumane.


Saintious t1_j8ouiww wrote

That was my first thought.... Poor woman had to live with that name.


big_sugi t1_j8rolni wrote

“Why should I have to change my name??? She’s the one that sucks!”


Saintious t1_j8tykcl wrote

I agree completely. I'm sure you are awesome. That terrible woman set the bar so low for anyone with your name. Don't change a thing.


madscot63 t1_j8s1w1w wrote

I was imagining her voice doing voice overs. <<chills>>


Kitsunisan t1_j8swn4u wrote

Thank you, this is why I clicked on the thread.