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urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_j7il3dj wrote

im pretty sure that fossil fuel like to use propaganda greenwash themselves

and also have my suspicion that they may want use pro nuclear propaganda an industry they have been coexisting and competing with for the last seven decades in order to delay the energy transition because they cannot compete and control the disruptive changes that renewables caused in the market

i also have the suspicion that they may be using pro nuclear propaganda to blame any renewable supporter as pro fossil fuel 😌

i also am aware that a pro nuclear bot was found doing his rounds at reddit and also that there are plenty of pronuclear comments dressed as facts not being so also i realized that often pro nuclear energy coments apprear in threads that are not discusing such

Incidently this thread was about nuclear PROPULSION yet here are the church of the fissiontology in force proselitizing

i rather back read about nuclear propulsion which is something i find interesting