Submitted by ad_skipper t3_11dfu5i in space

I just wanted to share a story with you space guys, perhaps you have had this feeling before.

I was away from the city in a university, still light polluted but you could see 50 stars instead of the usual 5. We friends were walking and I was looking up and telling them about how much I want to see the night sky (there have been 4 failed attempts :/ ) and suddenly I saw a thin white line being drawn and removed instantly which probably would have been a meteor and its one of the best sights I have seen in a long time.

I know it was nothing like the images you can find on the internet but seeing this in person was such a great experience. And I won the competition I was there for so yeah it was a good day.



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lIllIllIllIllIllIII t1_ja8f7fo wrote

Such a cool experience, right? I remember that feeling of awe seeing the night sky without light pollution for the first time, and it's been just as magnificent every time since.


Merky600 t1_ja8s1yx wrote

I’ve had some really good experiences seeing meteors. To me they’re like “Lady Luck”. If I went out expecting a meteor, nada. Standing around w friends? Suddenly, “Wowdidyouseethat?”

Saw one in the 80s that lit the sky blue. Pine trees were green. That was reported on the Radio news. Someone called in thinking the Soviets nuked the Southwest.

Buddies and I saw one that left a smoking trail in the sky. HS Astronomy club. A lot of “Aw Man! No Way!” Then there was a fight over binoculars.

Craziest experience was w my wacky cousin canoeing a river in Northern Minnesota at night. We were supposed to leave at noon but he wasn’t good at planning. So in the dark AuGust night we paddled. So dark the stars shown w colors. Looking down I could see shooting stars in the reflection on the water.

So serene. So special.

Until we canoed right into a drifting muskrat. Then we all freaked out.


Survies1 t1_ja8fu4o wrote

Have you looked at Saturn through a home telescope yet?


ad_skipper OP t1_ja8k07z wrote

Don't own a telescope yet. Who knows, Maybe it could be my future hobby.


DeviousDenial t1_ja8yxls wrote

Time to look up and join your university amateur astronomy club.


Survies1 t1_ja8kcg5 wrote

When you see the rings for the first time through a few lenses in changes your perspective on the universe and scale.


SpectralMagic t1_ja9ebd8 wrote

Yup they're incredible! Can't help but say "Wow" every single time, they're gorgeous