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Cesum-Pec t1_j7lg2wq wrote

In the 70s, one of the more popular TV shows was the TV movie of the week. You never knew what you'd get and they weren't big budget special effects masterpieces. It was a pretty bad story in retrospect, but as a little kid, I was fascinated by the thought that there could be stuff on the other side of the sun that we've never seen.

On alt earth, there is someone who looks just like you, lives your identical life, but slightly backwards. When our hero astronaut got stranded on akt earth, his twin from alt-earth was stranded here. The drama was the astronaut coming to the realization that he was not home and that wasn't his wife


Hairy_Al t1_j7lov2n wrote


Cesum-Pec t1_j7lv6eq wrote

Well done. My 50 yo memories aren't perfect but wasn't that far off


roominating237 t1_j7mrxju wrote

Yup. I remember seeing this on TV when I was a youngin'. Astronaut thought his friend was driving on the wrong side of the road, for starters.


EvilWayne t1_j7lkfcg wrote

I think this is The Stranger. I vaguely recall it, but the wikipedia entry doesn't exactly line up.


Hairy_Al t1_j7lok7a wrote

Definitely not that. I remember the film we're talking about. Little things like the light switch being on the opposite side of the door as silly stuff like that. Can't remember much else about it

Edit:found it


EvilWayne t1_j7m9m2j wrote

Wow, I never heard of this film and I'm a big fan of horrible and cheesy scifi.

I must now see this movie.


bigpeechtea t1_j7mytb6 wrote

Lmao and here I am thinking they’re talking about that other movie Another Earth that came out in 2011 to… not much of a reaction lol


ExplosiveMachine t1_j7mzkqj wrote

> The drama was the astronaut coming to the realization that he was not home and that wasn't his wife

later summarised in a song by Talking Heads.


JohnDavidsBooty t1_j7o2wee wrote

I feel like this is basically a scifi version of The Irony of Fate