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eatingganesha t1_ja8p7g8 wrote

Yes and it is WONDERFUL! We go once a year just to camp and look at the stars. Just be sure to check their calendar of events if you want to avoid people… their events are fun btw!


zoinkability t1_jaaijqu wrote

Yes, it is a lovely spot! Fairly dark skies, at least to the west (Mackinaw City to the east makes that side a bit bright).


OnlyAstronomyFans t1_jac1v0z wrote

You’re already kind of near there but I prefer sleeping bear like 40 mins to the SW. you’ll get the lights of Traverse City a little bit more than you do Mackinac city but it’s just an overall easier experience for me. Anywhere you can find a dark spot at sleeping bear you’re good to go. I like the Dune climb parking lot or the place across the street, the Lake shore picnic area.

Here’s a pic I took from sleeping bear.


ObviousGazelle t1_jaakxbz wrote

I haven't been but I love Cherry Springs in Pennsylvania. Actually caught a shadow at my feet from only the milky way there, on a moonless night. It was magical. Check it out it's a state park built for astronomy and the only dark territory on the east coast.


22cubed t1_jabhn7o wrote

Been there once, it's probably fine for just looking at stars and stuff. But don't go there trying to see the northern lights, because there's no north-facing area.

There is an observation area on the shore of Lake Michigan where you can look out (as opposed to looking straight up with tall trees on either side of you), but that observation area faces the other side of a small bay. And that side of the bay isn't part of the dark sky park, so there are definitely lights along the shoreline.

Still, though, it's probably the best dark sky you'll find in or even around Michigan, except for the one in Pennsylvania.


OnlyAstronomyFans t1_jac29z9 wrote

I’ve never seen the northern lights that far south on the regular. If you want to see the northern lights in Michigan, you need to get up on the south shore of superior like Copper Harbor. Cherry Springs is nice but most anywhere in the UP is darker.