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fattybunter t1_j7ssmot wrote

Take a step back, and think about the context here. The most powerful rocket of all time, which is also fully reusable, is about to test fire all of its engines tomorrow in a full launch configuration. You are criticizing timelines? This would have been like yelling at Ford for not making the Model T sooner.


Ukulele_Maestro t1_j7uxcnq wrote

I'm with this guy. People need to be more realistic about starship, where it is in development, and the high likelihood there are going to be teething pains and developmental delays due to unforeseen technical issues arising.


TimeTravelingChris t1_j7svcdm wrote

I am so tired of Elon Stan's. Yeah Elon was calling for the first launch back in August to occur in "1 to 2 months" so he was off a bit. And my point is it IS the most powerful rocket of all time, we should probably expect issues and delays.

I would love for this thing to fly without issue.


fattybunter t1_j7sx2tl wrote

Well if you're getting ad hominem about it, people have been proselytizing the same rhetoric since 2005 for SpaceX and it's infuriating. Obviously the timeline estimates have been way off. It's the damn actions that matter.


Jaker788 t1_j7tjczw wrote

And SpaceX is far from alone is missing targets. ULA is behind on Vulcan, Blue Origin is way behind on New Glenn and BE-4, Boeing is exceedingly late on Starliner service.

It's almost like rockets are hard or something and one hiccup in hardware development puts everything back.


TimeTravelingChris t1_j7szc2d wrote

I feel like this is different because of the scale. I really do hope it works. It's incredible. I am just tempering my expectations due to the complexity and it's weird that seems to be a hot take.


Allnamestaken69 t1_j7t23ap wrote

You can't just call anyone that enters into a argument with you an Elon Stan that is arguably more pathetic than some guy stanning for elon. We all dislike stans lel.