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Tjam3s t1_j8xugq7 wrote

What would that balloon have learned that wasn't already on Google earth and publicly available GPS data?


gerkletoss t1_j8xyygt wrote

A good anount of RF traffic


TjW0569 t1_j8z9x2h wrote

Still, if you were a Chinese intelligence officer that was aware that the U.S. military had been shadowing your receiver during its overflight, how much would you trust the information you were allowed to acquire?


gerkletoss t1_j8zc3t1 wrote

Not a ton, but apparently these have gone unnoticed before.


TjW0569 t1_j8zcifj wrote

Or at any rate that's what we'd like them to think.


thulesgold t1_j8zffoa wrote

You know... the balloon could have two way radio. It could have sent data out as well... even to simple things like cell phone towers.


Tjam3s t1_j905qle wrote

Very true. I suppose we'll probably never know the full truth of it


OudeStok t1_j95gusl wrote

nothing - but it costs the US a lot of money to shoot it down!