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Shotgunsamurai42 t1_j7uxit8 wrote

I too wish to live on a moon orbiting a gas giant.


100FootWallOfFog t1_j7v0qtz wrote

I mean, we live in a planet orbiting a gas giant that just happened to have achieved fusion. So it's not that far fetched


Carp8DM t1_j7vbh9s wrote

Do you know if Jupiter gives off any "heat"? Is it possible that Jupiter, though not creating fusion actually can result in a moon that has enough energy within the Jovian system to create a satellite that can result in temperatures that are conducive to life.


100FootWallOfFog t1_j7vexi4 wrote

I believe the moon Io experiences enough gravitational influence that it keeps it's core molten


inventionnerd t1_j7vcdy2 wrote

Tidal heating is a thing. Jupiter does do a bit of that to it's moons but it's moons also do that to each other.


GaudExMachina t1_j7vhgw1 wrote

Apparently per random internet searching, Jupiter gives off about twice as much energy as it absorbs from the sun.