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Dismal-Philosopher-4 t1_jafxfte wrote

> blatant click-bait magazine article

This magazine is quite respected and has published articles by more than 150 Nobel Prize-winning scientists. It's as good as it gets.


Adeldor t1_jagvvp1 wrote

That was then. The current Scientific American doesn't hold a candle to its former self. IMO the decline started when they ceased publishing substantial scientific projects and experiments such as these in their Amateur Scientist column. So no, it isn't now "as good as it gets."

Regardless, the direct statements from professional observatories carry more weight, and that SciAm title is unquestionably click-bait.


ferrel_hadley t1_jah4wbx wrote

Its swirling around an IFLScience style drain.

It really is past its best.