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Goregue t1_je8kwc5 wrote

Redundancy in case something goes wrong with Dragon/Falcon 9. NASA basically doesn't want a repeat of what happened in the 2010s after the space shuttle was retired and they were forced to buy seats on Soyuz for 10 years.


TbonerT t1_je999qe wrote

The space shuttle had failure throughout its program. If something goes wrong with Falcon 9, we’ll be flying again relatively quickly since we know it is a reliable rocket. The AMOS-6 explosion happened on September 1 and SpaceX flew again in December, just 3 months later.


bullett2434 t1_je9cy90 wrote

I mean spacex could go bankrupt one day out of nasas control, or they could abandon the F9 based on a business decision. And then nasa would be screwed. Not saying it would happen but crazier things have


TbonerT t1_je9dimu wrote

Those aren’t things that would suddenly happen. NASA could probably afford to keep SpaceX afloat with contracts for the rockets it wants. It isn’t helpless to SpaceX’s whims.


photoengineer t1_jefgn2h wrote

That wasn’t with people though. The shuttle down times were years.