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ifeelmy t1_jdws0ak wrote

He who controls the orbitals, controls the world.


simcoder t1_jdwte57 wrote

You can deny the orbitals for a fraction of the cost of controlling them.

You're better off trying to figure out how to share :(


ifeelmy t1_jdydnqh wrote

Because we are so good at sharing and not oppressing each other. Morality is learned. They could be good lessons or bad ones. But World leaders don't give me much hope.


simcoder t1_jdyg9e4 wrote


But, even beyond the sharing/kumbaya aspects, I think that world leaders/space forces need to recognize that earth orbit is more MAD than traditional battlespace. Trying to push back against that unfortunate fact is very, very expensive and countermeasures/denial are comparatively cheap. And, in the worst case scenario, virtually unstoppable.

It's much more a "hold on loosely" situation than something you can fortify and establish hegemony over.


SlowLemurFastLemur t1_jdy285z wrote

>For example, one such assumption is, given that Russian space forces have relied primarily on reversible or “soft kill” counter-space systems, and not on “hard kill” weapons systems like anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles, the future of space warfighting will be based on such “soft kill” options. This is a dangerous assumption to make. It is especially unwise to base the national security space strategies and posture of the United States on such a view.

Yeah wtf I 100% agree with the author. It seems unrealistic to hope that adversaries wouldn't try to knock out the entire satellite system. That's a massive capability gap for the US.


LunaticBZ t1_je1k6yh wrote

Hypothetically say China and U.S. do even a tit for tat exchange and take out one of each other's satellites with an ASAT.

Given how much more we have in space these days I don't think it would take much at all to kick off Kessler Syndrome.

In the event of WWIII I think it's safe to assume that the space aspect of the war will be short lived. As it's all going to be shredded.


[deleted] t1_jdwod3p wrote



Corbulo2526 OP t1_jdwq626 wrote

Balloons are well in atmosphere and not even close to space. More of an Air Force problem than a Space Force problem.