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Andromeda321 t1_jd95611 wrote

I have a love/hate relationship with these articles because they're always an excellent guarantee that it will be far too cloudy to see anything where I live!


frogsntoads00 t1_jd9pp59 wrote

This is me literally any time there is an event in the sky that I really want to check out.

Even something that lasts several days, guaranteed overcast/cloudy/storms that night, every. single. time.


Llamaxaxa t1_jd9uyyp wrote

Today’s weather: sunny skies. Friday’s forecast: clouds with periods of even more clouds.


Hiseworns t1_jda3mno wrote

I looked it up for my area and you are dead on accurate

I shouldn't be surprised, it's like this every goddamn time for us too


bubdadigger t1_jda7t4d wrote

Welcome to the club. We got club jackets, free chips and paid parking...


G0-N0G0-GO t1_jdatqzi wrote

And Billy’s mom made cookies this week too!

Awwww…oatmeal raisin


bubdadigger t1_jdau163 wrote

>Awwww…oatmeal raisin

And now I want oatmeal raisin cookies and glass of cold milk. Like urgently. Like RIGHT NOW


bubdadigger t1_jda7no3 wrote

Just checked the local weather. Today's forecast - sunny. Thursday - showers Friday - showers Saturday - thunderstorms Sunday - sunny.

Every. God. Damn. Time.


Lint_baby_uvulla t1_jdbg5cx wrote

Will the ISS get good footage?

wait a sec will this impact the ISS astronauts?


SmokyDragonDish t1_jdb8p5k wrote

I drove from New Jersey to South Carolina to see the eclipse.

About 5 minutes before totality, this big-ass cumulus cloud covered the sun. At totality, the sun was completely covered. I could see the horizon all around, and it looked like sunset, but I couldn't see the sun.

Five minutes after totality, the cloud left.

I was soooo close...


Sly_Nation t1_jdc7mg5 wrote

Well hopefully you can get a shot at redemption here soon! The next total solar eclipse in the US will be next year in 2024 (march/april?). The next one after that will not occur until 20 years later in 2044 :|


ferocious-ferret t1_jdb9is3 wrote

I feel you. Rain forecasted Thursday thru Sunday.


serenidade t1_jdbhx1m wrote

There will be two total solar eclipses visible from swaths of the US soon: a "ring of fire" eclipse in Oct 2023, and one in April 2024 that will have a much longer totality than the eclipse in 2017.

I hope you & others in this thread who have been denied can make it to one of these, or get a different opportunity to see one someday. May your skies be randomly clear at the most opportune times.


I_Heart_Astronomy t1_jdav8b4 wrote

All the friends, family, and coworkers who know I'm into astronomy always say "are you looking forward to X?" when they hear something in the news, and I always say that there's a 95% chance it will be cloudy, so not really.

You know comet NEOWISE? Never had a single clear, moonless night when it was around. Not a single one. Most significant comet since Hale-Bopp and not a single clear night to see it at its peak. I got to see C/2022 E3 (ZTF) (the most recent notable comet) but it was nowhere near the brightness level that NEOWISE or Hale-Bopp reached. It was only just barely naked-eye. Because it was mediocre, it was clear. Had it been spectacular, it would have been cloudy.

I have been into amateur astronomy since I was a kid, and have NEVER witnessed a meteor shower at its peak time because of either the moon or clouds. That's 25 years of religiously observing the night sky and not ONCE have I had skies that were clear and moonless during the peak of a meteor shower.

So I just go out and observe when the conditions are good and I don't pay much attention to astronomical events.


ShelZuuz t1_jdb9q48 wrote

Just wait until you order new Astro equipment. The week while it ships you'll have perfectly clear skies.

The day it arrives - record cloudy days for 30 straight days - just enough to extend beyond your new equipment's return window.


me2 t1_jdbibii wrote

I felt the pain in your words.


HeroicPrinny t1_jdbx7aw wrote

It sounds like you live in a place that’s cloudy a lot.

I do too, but several hours drive to the other side of the mountains and its clear with dark skies. I was lucky to be on a road trip on that side during neowise and got some nice photos.


specialcommenter t1_jda4bfz wrote

Just checked my forecast, cloudy with 80% chances of rain but will definitely be full blown cloudy.


CostumingMom t1_jdafhj5 wrote

On top of that, I live in a fairly large city corridor, (Everett to Olympia, Washington), so even if there are clear skies, the local light pollution washes everything out.


Captain_Dunsel t1_jdaspex wrote

Bitter reminder of 1st grade. Teacher brought in a telescope. Every day after class, a student could take it home to view the stars in the night sky. When it was my turn, stormy rain that night :(


AddyKat719 t1_jdawgk4 wrote

Reminds me of elementary school when all the kids got to wear a crown on their birthdays and be treated special. I never got to wear that crown because my birthday was in July. Ugh sweet memories.


totoro27 t1_jdbj8wo wrote

Surely they should give you the telescope for another night in that case. Seems really unfair when you were clearly unable to use it.


Guvnuh_T_Boggs t1_jdblwae wrote


Reads article about some comet flying through the aurora while the Moon does card tricks

"Ooh, neat!"

Steps outside and looks up

"Oh right, I live in Washington state."


Blue05D t1_jdbebau wrote

Same. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and every major event just happens to be on a cloudy day.


cylonfrakbbq t1_jdbmlol wrote

I was going to post the same thing. Every time there is an article along the lines of "omg this amazing cosmic event will be visible in X area!", it is always cloudy or overcast and you can't see a damned thing


Explore-PNW t1_jdbrqar wrote

It’s been beautiful out since I first heard about this solar event and I’m SURE the clouds and rain will come back by Friday night!


Greendragon00 t1_jdc1t97 wrote

My friend is currently in Iceland especially to see the aurora and so far it's been cloudy every night. Oof.


hedgecore77 t1_jdc76v6 wrote

Friday forecast: partly cloudy.

Yeah I bet I know which parts. :/


slurpurple t1_jdcicll wrote

As someone who loves inclement weather, I loathe the weatherman. You see, I live in a valley that gets passed over every time a storm front rolls through. The north and south of me will get on average 10-15 inches more snow and rainfall.


mikevago t1_jdcnpqu wrote

I'm just happy this is the top comment and not people quoting the "aurora borealis" meme from the Simpsons.


HailMaryPoppins t1_jdd5k7a wrote

Exactly life in the Puget Sound area of WA. It was clear skies yesterday but now clouds & rain for the foreseeable future. And it’ll likely be too cloudy to see all the planets lining up next week - I’m bummed.


creesto t1_jddi2q6 wrote

Central Ohio has entered the chat, laughing maniacally