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LeektheGeek t1_jdb3lgu wrote

Washington State. DC is only strictly referred to as Washington in movies and TV.


Stargazer_199 t1_jdb3pug wrote

Well, because of that, I have had to explain there are two separate places called Washington to people from other countries online


LeektheGeek t1_jdb4jm9 wrote

Wait till you have to explain how Arkansas and Kansas sound nothing alike. Gotta love ‘Merica!


charlytune t1_jdbr7h4 wrote

Brit here. It was only a couple of years ago that I realised, I think through a Reddit comment, that Arkansas = the 'Arkansaw' I'd heard mentioned in American TV and movies. I think everyone I've told is similarly surprised, I don't think anyone has said oh yeah I knew that.


mini-rubber-duck t1_jdbm9yy wrote

You can get t-shirts that read ‘washington not dc, vancouver not bc’


EugeneMeltsner t1_jdc4e5d wrote

For another layer, Vancouver, WA is in Clark County, which is also the name of the county that has Las Vegas, NV.


dagobertonius t1_jdbhhoc wrote

At least you do acknowledge that non-Americans use the Internet and even Reddit! Thank you for that!


fredbrightfrog t1_jdbuqfg wrote

There''s like 80 Washingtons around the US. We are not a creative bunch.


Artillect t1_jdc1u5p wrote

I've heard plenty of people on the East Coast refer to DC as just Washington, it's so annoying


LeektheGeek t1_jdd99nz wrote

Hm I’ve lived all up and down the east coast, only heard ppl refer to it as dc


ELL_YAY t1_jdb3me9 wrote

This is what I’m curious about too. I’m around DC and wanna know if it’s worth trying to look.