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Delicious_Wrap4944 t1_jbwlw1n wrote

When it’s a full moon and the light is coming through my window definitely harder to fall asleep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my blinds suck


jaa101 t1_jbwmk8u wrote

> Can lunar gravitational forces affect the inner ear?

Technically yes, because gravity reaches infinitely far. Practically no; the moon is 80 times less massive and 60 times farther away than the earth, meaning it affects us 300 000 times less strongly. That's far beyond the sensitivity limit of the human saccule and utricle.


Delicious-Day-3332 OP t1_jbwn1x2 wrote

Thank you for that. I hate it when my saccule & utricle get discombobulated. The moon still intrigues me - especially full moons & eclipses.


boundegar t1_jbwn4os wrote

Sure it can, that's not even fringe science - it's well-established. Don't discount the effect of gravity; it may be weak, but it's strong enough to pull the ocean all out of shape.

Also, the moon is a great big light in the sky. Light affects behavior and sleep - but not through your ears..


Instameat t1_jbwnm5a wrote

It's always a full moon you just can't see it.


Delicious-Day-3332 OP t1_jbwomfi wrote

Uh oh. I never considered a "Cloaking Moon." 😳 Now, that's an interesting consideration.


simcoder t1_jbwqxhq wrote

My mom was an ER nurse and she was convinced that full moons brought out the crazies.


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