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Psychomadeye t1_je0x6vr wrote

>And if anyone is going to be allowed to build a SBSP satellite, it will include power beaming designs which are inherently safe and cannot be used for "mass destruction".

Where's the fun in that?


larsschellhas OP t1_je0xv97 wrote

True, I'd love some death beams, too! 🤣


Psychomadeye t1_je0ycm3 wrote

When I think of space lasers I think about using them to deflect asteroids. It would be kind of cool to beam them down to earth for power, but right now it's definitely not worth it. We could probably get the most bang for our buck by saving power.


larsschellhas OP t1_je0yqpt wrote

Probably easier to throw a small rock against the asteroids early on in their trajectory though :D


Psychomadeye t1_je9zwfb wrote

Yes, but I'm thinking we could reach it faster, and from further this way, and apply more energy in total. I'm not suggesting it would be worth it, more that it's a fun thing to think about.


larsschellhas OP t1_jea0m0x wrote

True. And it might be worth it overall. Like, a laser would evaporate ice and material on the asteroid, which would push away from the asteroid, changing its trajectory.