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EnigoMontoya t1_je11jm3 wrote

Right so the conversion is 50% but the transmission over distance is a distinct loss correct? Yes, microwaves can penetrate the atmosphere, but there is still a cost.

This diagram from a 2021 study touting a 45% conversion efficiency but notes a huge drop from the transmission... 400 KW -> 10 KW over just 10 KM.

When you consider geosynchronous orbit is all the way out at 35,000 KM. This seems like a major issue. What am I missing?


larsschellhas OP t1_je11s3v wrote

That there are only around 10-50 km of atmosphere is the way and that accuracy is the primary driver of losses. :)


larsschellhas OP t1_je1rz1o wrote

Or rather, according to EMROD, the main loss driver is the conversion to microwaves. Reconversion and transmission appear to be relatively efficient.