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TjW0569 t1_je82iob wrote

I make a point of only thinking about 50% of the universe at a time.

It's half-vast.


DolphinWings25 t1_je86h2d wrote

Oh wow I have to do it in tenths. I can understand all of 1/10th just fine.


Resident-Fox6758 t1_je8bb0v wrote

No if I did I would quit my job and enjoy my time here


flyingbuttressesfly t1_je7pli3 wrote

Yes. The universe is mind-boggling and it’s becoming conscious of itself. That blows my mind.


Tha_Watcher t1_je7xccf wrote

Now you're venturing into Eastern Philosophy. Keep going further! 😉


rluzz001 t1_je89bfn wrote

What are you guys referring to? It sounds interesting.


JohnCena_770 t1_je8a0kn wrote

Probably that we're also part of the universe, we are made out of the exact same stuff. And we're conscious. So, in a sense at least, we are the universe (or part of it) that became conscious.


Natiak t1_je8cezz wrote

We are matter arranged in increasingly complex patterns that eventually becomes sentient. We are very literally the universe coming to life. Our existence is such a miracle, every moment should be treasured. Even when eggs are expensive.


JohnCena_770 t1_je8fy0f wrote

Idk man, the wonders of existence....and expensive eggs. That pretty much cancels each other out. /s


[deleted] OP t1_jea65pa wrote

So well put Natiak, I'm going to frame this response


jeanlucriker t1_je81o4a wrote

The one thing that video makes me remember and hate at the same time is that we are insignificant. Most likely all of us will be dead when these events arise and humans wiped out before or when the gamma burst hits I’d expect.

All the wars and crises we have over land, and money will ultimately be pointless. We are the same as every other living creature on this earth and end up the same fate in a way.

The difference is for now we understand the way things work, the way the universe in some forms works and can question life and the beginning & end which other creatures can’t. And we feel special because of it, as intelligent life, questioning the end of life, the beginning of the universe, striving for a reason for existence.

It’s depressing to thing the answer probably is there isn’t one, there isn’t an afterlife and we are just atoms and such.. that said I can see why people then find comfort in religion and an afterlife.

So.. I’ve gone down a depressing rabbit hole haha. As much as Space can fill me with wonder it can also fill me with existential dread.


DolphinWings25 t1_je86dem wrote

Carl Sagan says it very well in A Pale Blue dot... There was a great edit someone did on YouTube with scenes from a bunch of movies but I'd guess it was removed for like 60 copyright infringements.

Edit: Holy crap lol the next thing I do is start a TV show and there is a Rolex commercial that was almost identical to what I described on YouTube. Anyone who's seen the video I'm talking about check out Rolex hashtag perpetual ad and let me know what you think.


Naive-Horror4209 t1_jec50yg wrote

You put down the thought in my head very eloquently. I read a cosmology book 12 years ago and I have become an atheist. As Jimmy Care says , it’s a lonely experience, it’s a revolution for one. I fell into nihilism and I still haven’t found any purpose in life. We will all disappear. I went through my late grandfathers photos, who was born in 1891. He lived, he suffered and in 100 years nobody will remember him. Our existence is pointless, we are a product of a coincidence. If anyone can cheer me up, you’re welcome:)


DolphinWings25 t1_je87m28 wrote

I believe the universe to by cyclical. I'm not sure which video you are referring but I can presume it shows a very long dark quiet and cold end to our universe?

Eventually nothing can hold a bond and all matter will just slowly fade away, with a fizzling out of energy.

The time frames are astoundingly unfathomable.

I like to think/believe in the big bounce. It would be a lot cooler if there was something out there yet discovered, maybe just beyond our vantages horizon that would cause the eventually reverse of time, the collapse of this universe back up onto itself.

Maybe, just maybe, just an atoms length beyond our horizon, there exists a black hole the size of the entire horizon.

So I guess in summary, I'd (the universe) rather die in a black whole than being stretched out into nothingness via a long dark cold freeze. Although, being stretched out into nothingness also seems to be what would happen if we were to enter a black hole? So wait, what we are experiencing now is what would happen if we were to fall into a black hole? So, we are in one now?

Or maybe my therapist is right.


PogTuber t1_jeah6mx wrote

If you calculate all the mass in the universe and put it into the black hole equation, you would have an event horizon close to what we consider the size of the universe presently.

So yeah, it's not outside the realm of possibility that we are the product of a black hole that was insanely massive.


Own_Explorer_6952 t1_je8qdk1 wrote

Felt the same way ever since watching the movie interstellar. Always have loved space and weather systems since I was a kid but that movie really took it to another level.


[deleted] OP t1_jedso5y wrote

I actually wrote this post just after rewatching Interstellar !


old-dirty-olorin t1_je7qfly wrote

From a perspective the universe seems to be in the business of taking the very basic and building ever more complex states.


urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_je9ot40 wrote


we can build orderly patterns locally but that requires energy so the overal entropy of the universe increases

imho since more orderly complexity requires more energy in a way by making more order locally we contribute to the acceleration of disorder (entropy) in the long term, no that we make much of a dent with our current technological level, but maybe a future civilization capable of enginnering star systems moving stars and built wormholes may make a more noticiable dent in the energy budget🙂


Pinacolada1989 t1_je8l5ab wrote

Yes! It’s almost a form of therapy to me to think about.


[deleted] OP t1_jea6eyk wrote

Same, I think it definitely serves as escapism sometimes when things get rough in life. This idea that everything is going to end and we're only a tiny tiny part of a big big big big infinite space.


Sea-Specialist-4852 t1_jecfx5n wrote

Honestly if you've got something important to do and you feel anxious or stressed about it like exams, an important meeting etc... An existencial crisis is a good way to make you feel numb to these emotions and situations which could greatly benefit you.

For me the universe videos dont cut it aymore so i just usually go watch an animal eaten alive or just something to make me generalize life and existence and to remind my brain that the problems i have right now dont matter because you and everyone around you will be dead and life is neutral in the end


Minibeave t1_je8x8yq wrote

I only try to think about the observable universe.

The rest escapes me.


Uncle_Boppi t1_je9rw3s wrote

I think about it a lot, especially looking up at the sky, it gives me so much anxiety and wonderment of what could possibly be up there.


Aakaash_from_India t1_je7wffh wrote

If the particle horizon is already vast enough beyond our capabilities, imagine if there is another civilisation far away (beyond our horizons) and they have another particle horizon and they assume that that is the universe while we assume our particle horizon to be the entire universe... 🫥 How huge would the entire universe be now?? 😭


[deleted] OP t1_je7zp17 wrote

It's definitely how infinitely vast I think everything is and it's both terrifying and fantastic. Someone else commented by saying they find it comforting and I really do. I don't know if these other forms of life would be like us or completely different, or even "good" (whatever that would mean in their world) but it's still so incredible. Though I'm also glad I don't get to ever know that, because there can be neutral, good and bad surprises haha.


flyingbuttressesfly t1_je9a8ct wrote

All the awe in astrophysics also applies to nano physics. As above, so below. 🤯


Shot-Chapter-4930 t1_je7zzkx wrote

After watching the two videos I have stopped watching tv


WildGeorgeKnight t1_je94w1n wrote

All of the videos on Melodysheeps channel are a must watch for space fans. One of my favourite lines from his channel is “what if organic bodies are just a quaint first step in humanities history”. 😳


GC_Mandrake t1_je979ed wrote

Kind of: I think about my inability to grasp the vastness of the universe every day.


gnomereb t1_je98xma wrote

I thought about why there is a universe at all.


TonyMc3515 t1_je7upte wrote

Very similar actually..i find it reassuring in a way


lezboyd t1_jeabffg wrote

If you want another video to make you think this way, I'd recommend CGP Grey's video 'Metric Paper' about paper dimensions with relation to the universe.


RegretLoveGuiltDream t1_jeadqnn wrote

All the time, but it shows that we barely know jack squat about our own universe and what may be outside it. Nobody knows at all what happens when you die. Go outside and enjoy your life if you can.


shindleria t1_jeafghr wrote

I find that TIME pairs well with this as well


Bipogram t1_jeaja8g wrote

I had this same sense when I saw the 'Powers of 10' short movie for the first time in the 70s.

Yes, it's all deliciously fantastic - and time under a clear sky at night is time well spent.


Automatic_Pianist_93 t1_jeb9ud9 wrote

I remember watching this video for the first time and it left me contemplating life and existence. Truly great video


Sea-Specialist-4852 t1_jecc6fc wrote

sometimes but i am a human and do stupid human things so i cant think of important stuff like the universe