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ForceUser128 t1_jaxvura wrote

Ironically enough, starlink is doing the most out of any satalite company to minimise and eventually eliminate their impact of naked eye, amature, and ground based observatory astronomy.

Stating facts is not being an Elon licker buuuut somehow I dont think that makes a difference to you :D


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jay4qe6 wrote

Starlink caused the problem. They should absolutely pay to fix it. Starlink will also deposit tons of aluminum and other metals in the atmosphere, which I'm sure will be awesome for the biosphere.


how_tall_is_imhotep t1_jayq0rq wrote

> Starlink will also deposit tons of aluminum and other metals in the atmosphere

This is a perfect example of a complete failure of perspective. About 1 million kg of meteors burn up around the world every day. So what made you conclude that Starlink satellites burning up would cause a significant increase in the amount of metals in the atmosphere? Nothing at all. You're willing to say anything as long as it's anti-Elon.


ForceUser128 t1_jaz8qps wrote

The majority of aluminum being deposited is from solid rocket boosters that they do not use. The few tons that might end up from sats burning up is not the same dangerous kind that's released by SRBs and millions of tons, vs a few tons, gets released daily (again not the SRB kind) by asteroids.

This is a good example of haters twisting the truth, desperately looking for absolitely any crumbs of reason to hate while ignoring the good that is done, like supporting the civilians in Ukraine that lost access to basic communiction (not internet, just basic telephone) that you entitled rich brats takes for granted.

Hate filled and entitled af. I dont hate people like you, I just feel sadness and pity.