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Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jay512g wrote

By "human advancement" you mean "enriching Elon Musk."


Jakebsorensen t1_jayb09h wrote

By “human advancement” he means stable internet connections across the globe


PEVEI t1_jayebsj wrote

On what planet can Starlink service such a large customer base with a reasonable amount of throughput per user?


FlingingGoronGonads t1_jayo0xt wrote

I commend you for trying, but I'm pretty sure you're never going to get through to people stuck in the Musk personality cult. A person who unironically says things like

> Human advancement requires sacrifices

after all the environmental degradation we've seen in the last 200 years of industrialization, and 50 years after "Tragedy of the Commons" was first published, can probably never be made whole. As for the callous and inhuman attitudes you find with Starlink fanatics, this is what I think of when they talk about what they call "human advancement".

Never before has a new industry worked so hard to destroy the very science that birthed it.