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4thDevilsAdvocate t1_jdvpmnh wrote

That's significantly different from previous models, which suggested it was more akin to Venus. This is more like a super-sized Mercury.


[deleted] t1_jdvqghm wrote

mercury is almost twice as hot.

it's trappist d we care about anyway


4thDevilsAdvocate t1_jdvqodl wrote

Sure, but in the model of "it's a barren, atmosphere-less planet close to its parent star", it's quite like an Earth-scale version of Mercury.

Trappist-D, -E, and -F might all be habitable. E has the best chance.


EarthSolar t1_jdwhtdc wrote

Well, the lack of atmosphere on a planet we expect to have the strongest outgassing (due to intense tidal/induction heating) to replenish anything lost in the wind is telling things about the other worlds. Still - fingers crossed for results on TRAPPIST-1 g which are apparently in the works right now.


[deleted] t1_jdxca8e wrote

I mean it is one planet out of quadrillion but yes I get what you're saying it's making people afraid that the most abundant planets around red type Stars where most life in the universe will have a chance to live for the longest period of time it's scaring people that the Stars may be violent and may strip atmosphere and there may not be as much chance for life in the universe as a result but still I would caution that it's literally one planet


EarthSolar t1_jdwi80v wrote

People were indeed surprised, although I’m wondering if a very high altitude dark haze layer would be able to cloak signs of carbon dioxide, which the paper notably points to the lack of, and mimic airless body.


PhoenixReborn t1_jdwsr9l wrote

Would that be consistent with the thermal measurements? Sounds like there isn't as much heat exchange between the day and night sides of the planet as there would be with an atmosphere.


EarthSolar t1_jdwuwab wrote

The idea of high altitude haze is for the haze to be in a zone where the atmospheric pressure is too low to effectively transport heat from dayside to nightside, and thus causing it to look like airless planet. That said the haze itself might move and jeopardize this, but I figured it's better to ask.


Tofudebeast t1_je1t83g wrote

1 down, 6 more to go. Keeping my fingers crossed they'll find something interesting on the other planets.


RemiasH t1_jedgnon wrote

How long will it take to learn about the others?