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tropicsun t1_jb8hlln wrote

Does gravitational lensing of light and time occur at a 1:1 ratio?


Hopefound t1_jb8snne wrote

I would imagine that the answer is yes since light is just a phenomena that traverses space and time. Light can’t be impacted separate from the space time it travels through as I understand it.

Also, I could be super wrong and have no idea what I’m talking about, math is hard and I am dumb.


ImJKP t1_jb9ebvm wrote

Light travels at a constant velocity in a straight line through space. Gravitational lensing is an artifact of the kinks in spacetime created by massive objects; those kinks change what a "straight line" is for the light passing through that area of spacetime.

Time isn't affected by gravitational lensing per se. Gravity warps spacetime, and light is distorted (lensed) by the warped spacetime.


entotheenth t1_jba58mu wrote

I was thinking it’s been bent so much it added 3 light years which sounds like a lot till you take into account that’s over a 3.2 billion light year trip.