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ferrel_hadley t1_jdhna7g wrote

paywalled. What does the article say, I have not heard anything from the mainstream space journalists about this up till now.


Dawg_in_NWA t1_jdho9sw wrote

Basically, it was a butt hurt political decision. He chose Alabama because they supported the stop the steal bullsit and voted for him, whereas Colorado did not.


wgp3 t1_jdid8v5 wrote

First, this article is an opinion piece on the matter. Second, there has been zero evidence of it being a political decision. Both the DOD and GAO have done independent reviews of the process used to determine where the command should go, and found that they followed the rules and there was no unfair treatment. He didn't choose Huntsville, Huntsville was the top candidate based off all of the selection criteria. Colorado wasn't even second if I remember right.

The only thing trump did was say stupid things, like usual, that had no bearing on the decision. The only reason Biden might halt the move is seemingly because of now being a crucial time in monitoring space warfare and not wanting any interruptions. It's also not a guarantee biden will make this decision. It's just a possibility.


tacmac10 t1_jdk5i7w wrote

All US military space ops were run out of colorado springs for decades, it will cost billions to move it. And yeah trump 100% ordered it.


Delicious-Day-3332 t1_jdiwinp wrote

Exactly. If those 3 put their heads together & cooked up this derangement, you know it was political pork barrel if not pure insider exploitation for $$$.


gadget850 t1_jdjml7r wrote

Haven't looked but pretty sure Huntsville did not vote Trump.


smiles__ t1_jdk9cuv wrote

But the Republican Reps and Senators were advocating for Huntsville, and his coup.


gadget850 t1_jdkbrx7 wrote

I'm sure. But there is some logic in separating sites and putting Space Force near major contractors. Although Huntsville is probably a target anyway. I suppose they have space since they moved the school. But I don't get paid enough to make those decisions.