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urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_jc7b1c9 wrote

i want people to keep adding modules of every kind to make a rebel space achipielago


goatasaurusrex t1_jc7bt87 wrote

It was a good premise, but the Valerian movie was lacking.


Omgninjas t1_jc7lt1b wrote

I mean if the two main characters didn't have the emotional expressions of a chunk of wood then it probably would have been better.


Winjin t1_jc7uu6r wrote

I saw a great argument that Passengers were released the same year and suffered from miscast too.

Hilariously, if you swapped Chris Pratt with DeHaan both movies would be elevated. The scripts and directing would still be a major pain, but DeHaan as a sad creepy passenger and Pratt the Superhero Chad would work way better.

Also the recut Passengers would've been way better. And Rihanna scenes weren't needed.

Well, overall, both movies could be better, but the miscast idea still stands.


thatwasacrapname123 t1_jc98jg6 wrote

I read a proposed alternate ending to Passengers that I thought was great. Instead of he saves the ship, she forgives him, they live out the rest of their lives happily..She never forgives him, he dies saving the ship and now she is stranded alone on the ship..Final scene you see her finish a drink at the bar, say goodnight to the robot barman. Then you see an anguished look on her face as she stands over a cryopod looking down at a young man, realising she is about to make the same terrible decision to wake someone up.


Dianesuus t1_jc9eih5 wrote

That would've been a way better ending, especially if they included some kind of "days alone" counter to show whether she holds out longer/by how much. it would've added so much weight to fishburne's comment about how pratt was drowning alone.


toby_gray t1_jcaidd7 wrote

There’s also the alternate cut that someone made where the movie starts when she wakes up and it suddenly becomes a horror film. Without an hour of him endearing himself and making the audience feel sorry for him, it’s a lot fucking creepier.


Winjin t1_jc9oa6q wrote

That would've been great. Just... A long, quiet shot, ship creaking, and she stands there all disheveled and crazy/sad eyes


Omgninjas t1_jc7vyp2 wrote

Hmmmm. Interesting.... I'll be honest I enjoyed Passengers a lot more than Valerian, but swapping the casts around would have been neat.


Jaws12 t1_jc8vn8x wrote

Some day AI will make this a reality…


Winjin t1_jcb1dul wrote

Sadly there won't be real chemistry there. I mean all the ways Pratt moves, like what he was on set and everything.


Jaws12 t1_jcb1sbp wrote

Perhaps, but this might also be an underestimation of the future capabilities of advanced AI/simulation systems trained on the entire body of an actor’s work to recreate their potential performance in different roles.


Winjin t1_jcbkk6o wrote

I mean, it's not just the face, or the body. The whole scenes have no charisma. It means that you also need to redraw Delevigne as if she's actually interested, rather than... what was going on.


monstrinhotron t1_jc7xkc0 wrote

"Why is this damp creep flirting with his weird looking sister? In space?"


RollinThundaga t1_jc7scwh wrote

I dunno, his stale-bread playboy attitude made me enjoy the dog attack scene.


wanking_to_got t1_jccvfpz wrote

They try to push that british model too much. She's the same now in that series with Orlando Bloom.


urmomaisjabbathehutt t1_jc7e04g wrote

i was thinking something more cyberpunk or maybe fireflyish or some rebel installations of the colonies of the league of autonomous worlds in dark matter


wranglingmonkies t1_jc7snge wrote

That movie was beautiful, and the character design was fantastic. I like that movie because of that. The 2 characters were not great.


Sojoez t1_jcakdjr wrote

If people would stop fucking focusing on the two characters and judged the movie more on where the director excels then more people would enjoy the movie. The world building is absolutely gorgeous.


HonkersTim t1_jcaf5po wrote

Unlike most redditors I like Valerian and have seen it many times. The opening space station scene is still the highlight though 👌