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YourWiseOldFriend t1_je1ha4t wrote

I totally disagree. I refer to the wave/particle duality of light.


Anonymous-USA t1_je1v40n wrote

Duality aside, photons have no mass and cannot be dark matter.

As for duality, they act as energy waves except when interacting with other particles as they absorb or emit radiation. EM and photons are well understood and not related to dark matter.


YourWiseOldFriend t1_je6qrqa wrote

>photons have no mass

How then are they redirected when in the proximity of a stellar gravity field? How does that happen when they have no mass?

>EM and photons are well understood

And here I was, thinking they call it black matter and black energy precisely because they don't understand what it is.


Anonymous-USA t1_je6vujf wrote

They aren’t redirected. They travel in a strait line. It’s the space that is warped and the light curves with the space.

In fact, the escape velocity of any gravity well is dictated by the mass of that first body, not the second, because it’s a function of warped space. That’s true whether it’s the Earth, the Sun or a black hole. And the second body, whether it has the mass of a moon or a massless photon, isn’t a factor.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy are called “dark” for two reasons, they are both not directly observable and are poorly understood. So it’s apropos. But electromagnetic energy (EM), light and photons are neither dark nor misunderstood. There are full quantum particle and wave and field descriptions for them.