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Antimutt t1_jcvssm8 wrote

It's the zone of avoidance, where the disc of our galaxy hides more distant objects.


subatomicslim OP t1_jcvsy0q wrote

Oh gotcha, so its like a map but the missing bits is where our galaxy is the the way?


DutyLast9225 t1_jcyfymc wrote

Now I just heard the Milky Way is actually the Androneda galaxy colliding with our galaxy, the Milky Way


DutyLast9225 t1_jcyfx1y wrote

Now I just heard the Milky Way is actually the Androneda galaxy colliding with our galaxy, the Milky Way


cwilbur22 t1_jcyqfwc wrote

Imagine you're in a crowded mall and suddenly The Rock shows up and he's signing autographs and taking selfies with anyone who asks. You're at the edge of the crowd trying to take a video but people are just neck-and-neck crowding with each other and it's impossible for you to see him. You can pan the camera around and see the rest of the mall fine, but the closer you get to The Rock the more people are in the way. That's what taking a picture of the center of our galaxy is like, and the dark stuff in this image is all the crap that's blocking our shot.


No-Zucchini2787 t1_jcw2ynw wrote

It's zone of avoidance. This is the dense part of our galaxy including the black hole etc. Visible light in this area is adsorbed by galactic centre and dust. Not a good area for visible light photography and hubble. At the same time it's paradise for Gaia, jwst, Spitzer etc, basically any nom-visible light telescope.


subatomicslim OP t1_jcvueve wrote

Im trying to find similar images online, i have seen this in many youtube videos but I really cannot find anything close to this so there must be a certain name or something for images of the universe like this? With like a 3d 3 way intersection


s1ngular1ty2 t1_jd37zrr wrote

It's a 3D image of the stars/galaxies we have mapped from Earth. You are seeing it from the side. It's from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

We can't map the entire sky from Earth because the Milky Way is in the way. It limits the angles we can look. That is why there is a big blank area in the middle.


According-Cry9701 t1_jcywe3d wrote

Thats what my butt looks like if i shine a light through my cheeks


BigThomasJ t1_jcyqczi wrote

Looks like the intro to Resident Evil paused mid-frame. Cool pic either way.