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afraid_of_zombies t1_je6y3fd wrote

Well I do industrial waste processing. Can you tell me what resource we can't yet recover so I can tell marketing?


ErikGoesBoomski t1_je76vyl wrote

Can industrial waste processing bring back the flora and fauna that have been removed by humans? How about removing the mercury from our air and waterways? Or all the radioactive particles we have been pumping into the world for the past few decades? I guess it isn't so much about squandering the natural resources of the planet, more along the lines of rapidly making it into an inhospitable wasteland.


afraid_of_zombies t1_je7h86n wrote

I cant see the goalposts you have moved them so far.

Continue to scream on the internet, tomorrow I will go to work and make the world that much cleaner.

Oh, and air scrubbers as well as ground water remediation. To answer your flippant question.


ErikGoesBoomski t1_je7piju wrote

Seriously guy? Go ahead and deploy them. Prove me wrong.


afraid_of_zombies t1_jea1z2n wrote

Deploy what? Maybe spend more than 3 seconds formulating a response.


ErikGoesBoomski t1_jea29m5 wrote

Deploy your magic scrubbers that are going to undo all the damage done to the planet. Go ahead and tackle pfas while you're at it.


afraid_of_zombies t1_jea2l43 wrote

Tell me what a wet-dry scrubber is, the purpose of blowoff and a recirculation line right now and I will answer your question.

Since you clearly know about this stuff you should be able to answer.