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PorkStroganoff t1_iueg0ae wrote

This is so good !!!! The world now have another space station that Will garantee more years of human presence on space.

China is opened for collaboration with other nations. Pacts were sign and with everything going well the station could be expanded tô become the New international space station.


fluffy_assassins t1_iu4sd5f wrote

Thanks for sharing the article. Do you think this effort will work in collaboration with the ISS, or be competition?


-Baloo t1_iu53y8f wrote

Collaboration lol USA banned China from visiting the ISS.

>China is not a partner in the ISS and its astronauts have not been able to access the station. US rules prohibit NASA, a participating agency in the ISS, from engaging in bilateral partnerships with China.

They say the experiments will be made public and they're partners with other UN members.


fluffy_assassins t1_iu5fgfx wrote

I know about the sanctions, that's why I asked.

It sounds like the scientific community overall benefits from there being 2 and not just 1.

But at the same time... sanctions mean that China had to build their own, which could constitute competition.

See why I asked?


toodroot t1_iu6nigk wrote

u/-Baloo thought they were doing a good thing by educating you, but instead their time was wasted. Maybe you could be honest next time?


Evilchickennuggets t1_iu6zwdh wrote

What do you want them to be honest about?


toodroot t1_iu7vhva wrote

The congressional ban against collaborating with China, you know, the ban u/fluffy_assassins was pretending to be unaware of. And is grateful to have learned about, when they already knew about it.


fluffy_assassins t1_iu6sggv wrote

They were, their time was not wasted, I appreciate their answer.


[deleted] t1_iu70apt wrote



Heyblorp t1_iu8lbs2 wrote

Interesting that the top comment on the great achievement of a country that had the majority of people in abject poverty 30 years ago, is an old trope that downplays their massive advances in technology that's leaving some in the west look silly. E.g. green energy production, China is mocked as a place full of smog but their government realised smog is bad but necessary for power so they had to keep being smoggy until they spent hundreds of billions on green energy. Their turbine and solar panel production puts the west to shame, and their installation numbers are nuts.

There's a reason the American president is literally having to ban American companies from having stuff made in China, the American government hates that China has vastly superior hi tech industry and is trying to force American investors to build that capability in the US.


HiroProtagonistSteam t1_iu8pvr0 wrote

American companies shift production because of the lower labor costs. That’s it. I wouldn’t use companies/corporations as your bellwether since all they care about is profit.

They are making the US look pathetic in green energy initiatives.


ILoveSnouts t1_iu6to10 wrote

Bioweapons research, spying, you know, fun stuff


blisteringmeat t1_iu7gcnr wrote

Illegal space police station perhaps?


ILoveSnouts t1_iu7hqe6 wrote

Yeah probably. It’s funny to see that I got downvoted because does anybody really believe the Chinese government does anything out of the kindness of their heart? For pure science?


Heyblorp t1_iu8ksj5 wrote

Does any powerful government?

The reason you are downvoted is everyone gives their own powerful government a pass and calls whataboutery if someone mentions it, it's so predictable that this is the comment would appear on an article about Chinese space investment on a predominantly American website.

Maybe you're a realist who would call out all governments, but most people aren't.


ILoveSnouts t1_iua1dkn wrote

Give me that sounds like both parties are the same! Yeah there’s no doubt the US government is doing military and spying stuff in space, just not on the international space station which they share with other countries to do scientific research. Let’s just say China doesn’t have the best human race track record and it’s getting scary with their military flexing. Chinese space station is Fox News, the international space station is CNN, yes there is a difference.