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SirThatsCuba t1_iu1zcpa wrote

So if we want to farm up there we don't have to send up nearly as much soil prep shit as we thought. This is great.


GarunixReborn t1_iu2vjb5 wrote

Yes we do. Small plants need nothing but water. Once the nutrients from their seed runs out then they need proper soil. This experiment of growing seedlings in moon sool doesn't mean anything, you could grow them in broken glass and theyll still sprout


Fwrmer t1_iu2z96c wrote

That’s not necessarily true. If we can sprout in moon dust- we may be able to grow hydroponically in moon dust as well, which would be much more simpler than trying to create soil biomes.

Moon dust is mostly forms of silicate- which is a popular additive for hydroponic and soil farmers alike. It has a lot of benefits for fruiting plants. However, there can be Silicon toxicity in plants- so amending the moon dust with something like sand may actually make for a very viable hydroponic media. If it’s needed- perhaps the forms of silicate are not readily available to plants.


sonoma95436 t1_iu3jx5u wrote

Seed germ has a bit of starter gop. It will die. Think potatoes in mars movie. Needed some poopage.