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[deleted] t1_iu1y0ik wrote

Jupiter filed a complaint this morning demanding HAARP stop call pranking them.


RnDanger t1_iu0a7z0 wrote

How long does a Jupiter bounce take? Is that part of why they will try to receive the signals in New Mexico, because of the Earth's spin during the transmission time? I suppose the duration can vary by a huge amount depending on planetary alignments


houseman1131 t1_iu0fv6e wrote

43 minutes for a signal from earth to reach Jupiter so probably 86 mins to hear back.


RnDanger t1_iu0h04h wrote

I think there's a two or 3 hour difference between the time zones... Thanks!


Bipogram t1_iu0l28l wrote


I knew of radar probing of the Sun, and the amazing Arecibo *imaging* of Mercury's polar regions, but this is new to me. Thanks!


Jackal239 t1_iu21m6t wrote

Isn't this kinda the plot of Three Body Problem?


Travianer t1_iu34ytx wrote

Yepp give it a few years and Trisolaris will be coming for us.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iu2p5ao wrote

fyi they have annual public open houses there now! I went there n it was siiick


digitalmascot OP t1_iu2suif wrote

That's is crazy. I remember 15 years ago this place was so secretive as the type of research was unknown at the time they were working with the university of Alaska.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iu338tc wrote

yup literally now you can walk around freely look at everything ...and scientists can literally pay to use it..the 5 diesel engines that power this are around 10 feet tall its crazy


diydave86 t1_iu0n7ju wrote

Keep sending signals out there eventually were gonna get a response and we may not like the response. Have we not learned from pretty much ALL alien movies?


zeeblecroid t1_iu4zduj wrote

> Have we not learned from pretty much ALL alien movies?

I learned some time ago that most movies are fictional.


dingo1018 t1_iu1hiil wrote

Do you want aliens? Because this is how you get aliens.


tfks t1_iu449yi wrote

The universe is very, very large... which makes it hard to believe we're the only life. But that also means communications are basically impossible. The oldest signals originating from Earth are just about 100 years old, so can only have traveled 100 light years. Not only is that not very far-- practically like yelling down your driveway-- but also the signals would be very difficult, or impossible, to discern from background noise.