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FireTrickle t1_iu0znux wrote

Finally a full picture of your mom can be taken


shahooster t1_iu16rfu wrote

Now available in the Trail Cam^™️ model, for when you’re tracking cougars.


MaverickMeerkatUK t1_iu1ujz8 wrote

Even flex tape can't fix that damage


Nomis_Salomis t1_iu27qf3 wrote

But the all new flex past can! Step 1 create a mold of yourself out of flex past. Step 2 melt your self down, Step 3 pour into mold and wate to cool!


Shinnyo t1_iu4dbyq wrote

It's crazy how everyone gather for "your mom" jokes.

And yet, we still aren't enough to gather around your mom


Theseus_Spaceship t1_iu2fsmz wrote

I knew this would be the top post when I got here.


Shurigin t1_iu3w3ag wrote

I mean it was the top comment the last time this story was published