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the_fungible_man t1_iujl9su wrote

Bad headline. On Who'd a thunk?

A proof of concept has been tested. There is no instrument "ready to fly", nor has a mission been allocated to carry it.


boundegar t1_iuhwdnw wrote

It seems to me if there is life in the frozen ocean, being blasted into space might make it be not-alive.


Override9636 t1_iui53gz wrote

Even if we find evidence of recently-deceased life on another planet, it would rewrite every science book we have.


Karcinogene t1_iui8f3k wrote

That's why this machine is designed to detect molecular fragments of space-blasted life, not whole bacterias


chooseroftheslayed t1_iuhwbm7 wrote

"Life forms... tiny little life forms... where are the life forms --" 🎶


MefasmVIII t1_iuhx1gn wrote

We know about life in Europe already, save your money and machines for one of those funny named moons that can have some life!