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rodoxide t1_iqpnmi3 wrote

I've been wondering if this would happen, or if it is already happening.. and previous ice lands will thaw and new lands will become polar caps..


Herethos t1_iqpuxmm wrote

"Climate change" we can do nothing about. Except migrate those of us whom survive, depending on how fast this change happens, if its gradually over 1000's of years or in the span of days.

Perhaps the flashfrozen mammoths with chewed food in their mouth is a hint.


Anderopolis t1_iqqje2x wrote

The mammoths were not flashfrozen they just froze to death normally, usually in ditches.


napoleongold t1_iqpqvhe wrote

I'm actually surprised it only goes back 1500 years. I thought we had as accurate records going back to Egyptian 4k bce? Maybe they are working on that next?


zoinkability t1_iqyarwv wrote

The article says that for this analysis they needed sufficient detail to give them location, date, and time of day within some margin of error. Guessing older ones don’t have the detail they need, or alternately that this analysis has been done for other time periods but not this one.