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Merkin-Cave t1_itz0hm3 wrote

The universe is visually outstandingly beautiful


XchillydogX t1_itzdjei wrote

What’s wild is they haven’t done a long exposure one like the Hubble deep field yet. We’ll be able to see Gods butthole when they do.


Bensemus t1_iu137ev wrote

That was the first image released. They pointed Webb at the same place Hubble looked. They saw way more than Hubble say while only looking for about 1/10th the time.


NothingButThyme t1_iu2a6gm wrote

Yes but what would Webb see if they did an exposure time equal to Hubble's deep field


favoritedeadrabbit t1_iu0d6hm wrote

This pic has been up for 24hrs on /r/webbtelescope, for a whopping 10 upvotes. For the billions spent, i feel like they could be handling these releases better.