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Yes_hes_that_guy t1_iuhghbj wrote

> In all, the station will have about 110 cubic meters (3,880 cubic feet) of pressurized interior space.

I’m not claustrophobic but I’m pretty sure I would be on that thing.


Civ6Ever t1_iuhivwf wrote

A medium sized two bedroom apartment with a 2m (a little low) ceiling is 110m^3.


Yes_hes_that_guy t1_iuhji1d wrote

Now imagine that being your entire world, with roommates.


fuzzybunn t1_iuhmnxa wrote

Locked down in Melbourne over 2020/1 over several months in an apartment half that size. Also did 6 weeks of quarantine in hotel rooms even smaller than that, with no human contact. It was not great, but it was fine after I got a new routine sorted. I'm sure there are many people who hate it and can't live like that, but conversely I'm sure there are people who didn't mind it that much.

Also, the view is amazing.


EventAccomplished976 t1_iui3k6e wrote

It‘s also not quite comparable to sonething like a lockdown since they are busy working all day instead of having to sit around trying to kill time. And the actual total volume will be a bit bigger since there‘s usually a tianzhou and at least one shenzhou attached to the station.


Override9636 t1_iui2uz9 wrote

But you don't have to pay rent or order takeout, and you get to BE IN SPACE. I'd say that's a fair trade.


Yes_hes_that_guy t1_iui8lk4 wrote

Sure but it’s just so tiny compared to the ISS and even that would take some serious mental fortitude to stay on for extended periods.


EventAccomplished976 t1_iuieu02 wrote

ISS astronauts say they often enough don‘t see their colleagues all day, and the long term crew of tiangong is just 3 instead of 7, I think they‘ll be fine :) (well and of course people who actually have issues with this sort of thing won‘t get selected to be astronauts anyway).


Seiren- t1_iuhzyjq wrote

That’s still a solid 3-4 times as big as most students lived in during the first year of covid lockdown


Yes_hes_that_guy t1_iui8btf wrote

But they weren’t actually locked in for the most part, right?


Seiren- t1_iuivsj9 wrote

Fair enough, kinda hard to open a window and get some fresh air or take a walk around the block on a space station


Civ6Ever t1_iuhlj5m wrote

I was locked down in Shanghai for 63 days in a studio apartment. About 75m^3. I did get to go outside to test a few times a week though, so it's not the exact same, but yeah it does take a toll.

The roommates would be nice at first... then awful.


iatekane t1_iuk8vip wrote

Your 2m ceiling heights give a floor space of 55m2, that’s less than 600 square feet and I don’t know any 2 bedrooms that are that tiny, it’s a 1br apartment

With a nice view.


Mygaffer t1_iuio83g wrote

2m would be a very low ceiling. Most places where I live require 8' at a minimum to be in code.


rpsls t1_iuhq7dc wrote

To put this in perspective, from what I’ve read a single SpaceX Starship is projected to be about 100m^2 pressurized interior space, so they’ll be launching almost an entire Chinese space station each launch.